Cast Iron Cooking Grid Grates for Small and Minimax Big Green Egg Grill Grate (13″-Fit Small BGE)


  • HIGH QUAILTY MATERIAL – The use of cast iron with its high density provides for better grilling of the meat.Heavy duty cast iron material can withstand higher temperatures than normal grate.Will not crack or break due to high temperature.And cast iron cooking grid is durable and easy to clean.
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR BIG GREEN EGG – The actual Diameter 13 inches- Fits small and minimax big green egg kamado grills.Perfect replacement or to use as your primary cooking surface.
  • PRODUCES GREAT GRILL MARKS – Produces superior heat surface for searing meat.This makes this grill perfect for searing steak and making the popular grill marks on it.The cast iron grate is double sided so you can sear with a narrow or wide sear mark. The wider side works great for more delicate food like fish.
  • GRILL LIKE A PROFESSIONAL – Sears meat and maintain heat better the wire grill.Very nice heavy steel grate for searing.Better searing of meats,retains seasonings and that signature hint of smokiness.
  • TIPS-HOW TO AVOID RUST?- (1) Make sure that you scrape your grates after each use; (2) Season them by brushing with oil after each use; (3) Leave the dampers open a bit so that condensation does not collect in the grill; (4) Put the lid back on your grill when it is not in use; (5) Cover the grill when it is not in use; (6) If you need to store your grill for a long period of time, heavily coat them in cooking oil, wrap them in a plastic bag and store in your covered grill.


KAMaster Cast Iron Cooking Grid Grates for Small and Minimax Big Green Egg Grill Grate (13″-Fit Small BGE).


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