Orange BBQ Deluxe Electric Barbecue Grill


  • Great for Yakitori-style cooking : You can cook skewers with the best taste, and tomatoes, fresh fruits and vegetables next to skewers will be a really good meal.
  • Simple to use : Easy to use- one touch operation, no assembly required, -Easy to Clean: Adjustable stainless steel grill and removable drip tray to catch excess fat and oil.
  • Flame grilling method: It is made by grilling method, so smoke and smell are greatly improved and quickly separates the fat oil from grilling. A variety of dishes are available, including corn, sweet potatoes and skewers.
  • Detachable Stainless Steel Grill :Stainless steel grill which is easily separated for cleaning. Durable and light weight.
  • Bottom tray collect dripping fat, grease, and oil from meats while cooking. Output: 1450W.


Livart Orange BBQ Deluxe Electric Barbecue Grill.


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