Replacement Gas Grill Burner for Centro 6800 85-1654-6 (G61704) (2-PK) Gas Models


  • Fits Centro 4800, Centro 5800, 6800 85-1629-8 (G61702), 6800 85-1654-6 (G61704), 85-1626-4, 85-1627-2, 85-1628-0, 85-1652-0, 85-1653-8, 85-1654-6, G51202, G51204, G61704 G41501, G41503, G50201, G50202, G50203, G50204, G50205, G50206, G50207, G50208, G50211, G50212, G50213, G50214, G51201, G51202, G51203, G51204, G51206, G51207, G51208
  • Fits Centro G51209, G51210, G51211, G51213, G51214, G51215, G51216, G51217, G51218, G51219, G51220, G60701, G61001, G61002, G61003, G61004, G61006, G61007, G61501, G61701, G61702, G61703, G61704
  • Dimensions: 15 9/16” x 4 5/16” , Material: stainless steel
  • Compatible Part Numbers G502-1700-01, G502-1800-A1, G607-0700-A1, & G607-0700-01
  • We highly suggest measuring your original parts and Compare to what we have listed before ordering.


Replacement Grill Burner for Centro 6800 85-1654-6 (G61704) (2-PK) Gas Models.


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